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Our drivers are all a part of our transformation plan to obtain a professional driving qualification and, over and above general traffic laws, have been trained according to strict internal standards. Any behaviour that is inconsistent with this is consequently viewed in an extremely serious light. In this regard we appreciate and value all information passed on to us from passengers and members of the public.

All our drivers have evidenced their competency in terms of qualifications and driving skills. Unfortunately, ability does not always mean that an individual consistently does the right thing or adheres to all the rules. Truck drivers are however, like all road users, always expected to exercise caution and act in a courteous and lawful manner. Road safety is of paramount importance to Blackfuel and underpins everything that we do. Drivers are constantly made aware of this via refresher training, depot-wide poster campaigns and general company policy. While most of our drivers live up to our expectations, there are unfortunately those drivers who choose not to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired to drive in the manner expected. Driver behaviour is closely monitored and failure to adhere to rules or maintain standards is quickly and efficiently addressed. All such incidents are investigated and, where necessary, followed up with counselling or appropriate disciplinary action.

Although Blackfuel has sophisticated monitoring systems in place, it is not always possible to monitor every movement detail of all trucks. Blackfuel therefore appreciates and follows up on all comments and complaints so that we can, as far as possible, ensure that our drivers are operating according to both the law and company policy. Members of the public are encouraged to direct their comments, queries or complaints to us so that we can investigate. Drivers who are found to have transgressed traffic laws or to have operated in a manner which is not consistent with company policy are subject to internal disciplinary procedures.

Transgressions are taken very seriously and are never condoned or overlooked. Please send us details about the incident you would like to report. Our complaint team will analyse your complaint and take the appropriate measures in order to ensure that the reported situation will not occur at any other time in the future.

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