Blackfuel is committed to customer service whilst incorporating good governance and believing in transparency and transformation in every area. Blackfuel is a 100% Black Owned company. As we support and believe in transformation and equality for women, we are proud to have more than 30% Black Women ownership.

With true transformation being a priority and a part of our DNA, we are not only committed to ownership and keeping it a proudly sustainable and successful Black owned company, but also believe that there are elements within transformation. These elements include employment equity, skills development, enterprise/supplier and socio-economic development. Due to these different elements, we have engaged in various initiatives within the company and surrounding community supporting transformation and showing our company’s commitment. We believe for transformation to be sustainable and successful; it has to be part of our core. In saying that we comply with all legal requirements such as BBBEE and achieving LEVEL1 status in compliance, we commit to maintaining it and encouraging other role players to follow suit.

With enterprise and supplier development being a priority element and subject to sub-minimum requirements in the BBBEE codes of good practice, we also regard it as a priority and believe it is one of the most valuable ways to be actively involved in the growth of the country as a whole. By being part of this, we are part of the development of emerging companies. Blackfuel itself is a qualifying enterprise/supplier beneficiary as per the DTI codes of good practice.


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